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Copying is a major concern to many involved in the gift and home industry. The GA has been tackling this problem on behalf of its members for many years and provides a comprehensive package of services to help companies with intellectual property protection and redress.


• FREE Design Deposit Scheme

Members of the GA can start to plan for the future by depositing their designs with the GA. A numbered and dated certificate issued for each design deposited, as evidence of the deposit, which may assist in any dispute regarding the date of creation of a design.

Members may first deposit up to 50 designs in their first year of using this service for free and thereafter 25 per annum for free. A nominal charge will be made for depositing additional designs.  Members can download forms from the 'members only' section of the website - Design Deposit service page.

• Half an hour free legal and intellectual property protection advice per issue.

• Four hours at £100 per hour plus VAT for advice on contentious issues from Copywatch intellectual property lawyers provided by law firms Eversheds and Halliwells and patent attorneys Barker Brettell.

• 20% discount on fees charged by Copywatch patent attorneys Barker Brettell to register designs and trade marks at the Patent Office.

• Further advice at commercial rates plus VAT and disbursements.

• Rights Ownership

The GA’s intellectual property lawyers, Halliwells and Eversheds, can assist in preparing agreements with your designers and suppliers to ensure you own all necessary rights.

Design Registration

Protection of a new design is possible through the filing of a UK design application with the Patent Office. The GA’s patent attorneys Barker Brettell have offered to file these applications for GA members at a rate discounted by 20%.

• Trade Mark Registration

Trade Mark registration prevents other companies benefiting from the goodwill of your company’s trade mark. Protection for a trade mark in the UK is possible through the filing of a UK trade mark application with the Patent Office. Barker Brettell has offered to file these applications for GA members at a rate discounted by 20%.

• Trade Mark Watching

This service alerts you should anyone else attempt to infringe your registered trade mark. This service is provided by Barker Brettell for a cost of £100 to £150 per year for each trade mark of interest, depending upon the countries of interest.

• Arbitration/Mediation Service

The Copywatch team can help GA members in dispute with each other to achieve settlement without incurring the costs associated with protracted legal action. Copywatch can arrange for an independent mediator or arbitrator to hear arguments from both sides and either make a binding decision or help the parties to reach a compromise.

• Litigation

When all options have been exhausted sometimes litigation is the only answer. The Copywatch team has highly qualified and experienced intellectual property litigators to fight your corner, provided by leading intellectual property specialist law firms Eversheds and Halliwells.

Copywatch is provided through intellectual property lawyers Eversheds / Halliwells and by chartered patent attorneys, Barker Brettell.

For more information contact The GA on Tel: 0121 237 1104.