The GA is at the heart of the gift and home industry and is best place to connect you with the right people and services to build your reputation and to help your business thrive. Take a look at the below services and discounts that a GA membership can offer you.


We can help you save money with any of your sales queries, with the following providers:

Retail solutions
EPO – Davidson Richards
Data Strategy Consulting
Interpak Packaging

Marketing & PR

We have an inhouse PR team with links to trade journals and the top shows. We also have access to a graphic designer:

Graphic Advertising
Paul Felton design

Product & Design

We can help you through the product and design minefield with our newly re-launched design deposit scheme as well as the following:

Design Protection
IP Audit – Eversheds and Gateley
Product Testing
AnchorCert Analytica

Import & Export

We have a dedicated International department with 40 years of experience, who can help you with any of your import and export queries and more:

Import and Export Advice
British Jewellery & Giftware International department
Foreign VAT Reclaim

Finance & Legal

We offer a free business advice line with unlimited calls and document library with over 700 documents for your to utilise:

Customs Legal Advice
TCC and The GA helpline
Debts and Credit Checks
GA – Credit Discussion group
GA – Warnings and scams alerts
Equifax Credit Checking Services
Steeles Law
MUA Property Services
TH March

Warehouse & Logistics

We have knowledge on logistics through our extensive networks and will always be on hand to help: :

Logistics Queries

HR & Utilities

Energy and water bills are a large part of overheads. We can help you save on these and many more:

HR & Utilities
AA Fleet Membership
Europcar Hire
EC Business