Legal Helpline

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GA lawyers, steeles, offer FREE legal advice on agents' contracts, commercial, employment, business property and general business law.

Speak directly to practising lawyers experienced in the area of law relevant to your enquiry.

A free telephone call of up to 20 minutes each time a member has an enquiry on different issues.

If the matter cannot be dealt within the first phone call and letter, and in particular if documents need to be examined, members will be entitled to reduced charges for up to three hours work.

The e-bis1stop website is a free legal support service for GA members'.

  • daily news
  • downloads of business guides on tax, VAT and employment law
  • the facility to build your own legal documents and use essential calculators
  • new business issues highlighted, and guidance on the action required
  • detailed guides and articles behind relevant news stories
  • email and telephone access to professional advice and assistance, through the contact centre.

It's designed to be interactive and user-friendly:

  • written by experts including lawyers and accountants but presented in layman's terms, in plain English
  • easy to navigate, so information is easy to find.

GA members can access all this information free of charge instantly via the members only area of our website.